Leash training a dog

How do I get my dog to stop pulling while she is on her leash, she is almost a year old and is a part shepard, part lab and part collie I’m pretty sure.

Answer #2

Well…after investing in Halti’s, Gentle Leaders, a “no pull harness”, I finally hit magic with a prong collar…(I have a very large German Shepherd)…The idea behind a prong collar is that the dog learns on his own not to pull…that means you only hold the leash…and let the dog run into the prongs himself…If you press the prongs on your arm, you’ll see that tho the collar looks nasty, there really isn’t any pain, only pressure…but in comes in the form of a “bite”…something dogs truly understand.

To teach him to pay attention to where you’re going…put on the prong collar and leash…start walking down the sidewalk, and then abruptly turn 180 degrees and head the other way…he’ll hit the end of the leash, with a “where’d she go?” look, and quickly turn to follow…Do this 3 or 4 times at the beginning of every walk, and you’ll have his attention for the rest of the walk…pretty soon you’ll have his attention all the time.

When my dog see’s the prong collar come out, he knows he’s in for something special…like going to the park or to the lake…HE LOVES TO SEE THE PRONG!

Here is an excellent article on the use of a prong…it explains how they work, likening them to a “hearing aid for dogs”…



Answer #3

Ugh I have a puppy its a German shepard her names cinammon :D anywhoo idkk exactly how but wenever I put her on her leash she starts crying and will not move at all ! Soo now I just bring her tew the backyard tew dew her buisness L0L hopefully as she gets older she’ll get used tew it.. her sister bailey is the same way !

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