Learning to dance??

I really want to learn to dance. I watch so you think you can dance all the time and I always wish I could do things like that. is it possible to teach myself to dance using only dance videos. I don’t really know where I could take lessons and I’d be more comfortable teaching myself. thanks in advance.

Answer #1

umm, well, I guess you could try but I dont think it will work. you could always try one of those retarded learn to dance things on youtube or ondemand. if your in school still it really doesnt matter because all they do is jump around and grind.

Answer #2

I’m teaching myself ballet right now! Look online for videos and instructions on how to do the moves, and you’ll definitely be able to learn. I took dance classes when I was younger, and I never seemed to learn anything, but now that I’m doing it by myself, it’s going a lot better. I can move along at my own pace, focus on what I really need to learn, and best of all, it’s free! The only downfall is that you don’t get to perform in any recitals or anything. But, if you’re just looking to learn, then I think you could really do it. =D

Answer #3

do it with a close friend so you dont feel intimmidated by other dancers in lessons out side of school :) your welcom :)

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