How can I learn to shuffle better?

Answer #1

Practice and patience. :P

Answer #2

haha yeah ive kinda tried that and like idk:/ i wanna be better!! grrrr….lol(:

Answer #3

They say practice makes perfect. Watch tutorial videos online to demonstrate how it donnas pro. Or if you know someone who knows how to shuffle, ask them to teach you. Just take it slow and practice as much as you can. Nothing comes easy but it’s all possible! :-))

Answer #4

What type of shuffle, are you in reference to rave shuffling or tap?

Answer #5
Answer #6

ummm…..rave shuffling(:

Answer #7

I meant how it’s done pro * Sorry :)

Answer #8


Answer #9

haha i kinda ment rave shuffling(:

Answer #10

Oh I shuffle to, learn the basic T step and running man and start with slowly music and finnaly use hardstyle music.

Answer #11

is this hardstyle or soft style?

Answer #12

thanks urs is a really good answer(:

Answer #13

hardstyle(: forsure! like yeah i can do the T step and running man but im not really good at itt yet…but ive improved lol

Answer #14

How long have you been doing it for?

Answer #15

umm since like umm……march of last year but i really started practticing and getting into it in november you?

Answer #16

UMMM… for a month and a bit, its all about how the music moves you. I improved after hearing this song for some reason:Dark Oscillators - Nasty Jungle [Brennan Heart M.F.G. Remix] and kicks and the glide can really make you look better.

Answer #17

oh actually two months

Answer #18

that is soo freakin awesome!!!!

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