How to stop my tampon from leaking?

during my period I wear tampons just because there easier and more comfortable to me..but I always have to wear a pantiliner because blood still leaks even if I use a in sports all year round so I just stick w/ the playtex sport ones..any ideas to make it stop leaking?

Answer #1

um you should change them 3 times a day at least and if they keep leaking you might should see a doctor but you may just have a heavy flow

Answer #2

I’ve tried both brands tampax and playtex,they both leak for 34yrs old and I recently just started using tampons.its annoying that they leak on the pantyliner and when I go to the bathroom.

Answer #3

try tampax pearl. they work really well and I love them. I’m also in sports all year round and I tried the playtex sport and they didn’t work for me so I switched to tampax pearl. way better!

Answer #4

well I have the same problem with platex sport. you should maybe try and change the type of tampon that you are using and see if other brands leak ?

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