what is the leagal age to leave home without parent permission in missouri an the police cant bring you back?

Answer #1

You can leave at 17, provided your parents don’t request that you be returned. The police will only get involved if your parents call them. You can’t, however, take any property with you - your furniture, etc, unless you paid for it, is technically legal property of your parents. Other than that, you need to be 18.

Answer #2

so if i were to leave i wouldnt be able to take anything but my clothes since i am 17?

Answer #3

Even if you were 18, you wouldn’t be able take any of your parent’s property…it’s just that, if you leave at 18, parents are usually more willing to allow you to take things.

Answer #4

in canada, the legal age is 16- but you have to be living with someone who who is old enough to be a guardian

Answer #5

No, you don’t - 16 is legal age to be out on your own in Ontario.

Answer #6

The only way you can live on you own LEGALLY is after the age of 18, because you can not sign a lease being a minor!

Answer #7

A lease - true, but not all rental properties in Ontario require a lease. You can move out at 16. I moved out at 16 and rented my own place, my daughter is on her own and she’s 17 now…not to mention many, many other 16 year olds who I know that are living on their own. In the end, it all depends on whether or not you can find accommodations befitting your age, not whether or not you’re old enough to leave.

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