how do you laugh in italian, i know laughing in spanish is "jaja" so what would italian be?

Answer #1

we’ve always just said haha.

Answer #2

Ooooh thanks. aha. i found it weird that only spanish has its own way of laughing ;p

Answer #3

well haha and jaja are the same thing anyways, in spanish you pronounce the j as if it were an h

Answer #4

Yeah we never wrote it any differently :)

Answer #5

i come from an italian background, and my family just laugh normally like “haha”

Answer #6

My ex husband came straight from Italy and he always used “hehe”.

Answer #7

Ohh right. i never realised that.

Answer #8

I think haha is the same in every language. I’m from the Netherlands and we also say haha.

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