Latin Dances, which is easiest to remember?

Which dance is eaiser to remember including the poses?? And what songs can you dance to them??

Cha Cha,Paso Doble,Jive,Rumba,Samba,ECT..

I dont want nothing too sexaul..Thanks.

Answer #1

Salsa, mambo, merengue… :) You forgot those. If you’re going to a club, it’ll be merengue, salsa, bachata, cumbia, and some small amount of cha cha…however, the bulk in the bay area is bachata / salsa / merengue.

Merengue is the easiest in terms of steps, but all the others are easy once you have the front / side to side basic moves down. And all share similar patterns, etc.

Depending on what you’re going to do - eg, dance at a club? Ballroom style? Etc, that’ll make part of the decision for you, as the more club friendly ones (excluding cha cha & sometimes salsa) are the ones danced in ballroom environments.

Answer #2

if you don’t want anything too sexual than don’t try Lambada..

Answer #3

out of those mentioned, samba was the hardest dance I learned..

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