Does laser eye surgery hurt?

I have to get laser eye surgery. My optometrist said it doesn’t hurt, but I was just still wondering if it eve hurts a bit, like during recovery time or anything? Has anybody here had it? Or do you know somebody that has had it? Can you share your experience?

Answer #1

Never had it done but seen the procedure. I think what bothers ppl most is the eyelid retractor. If you are nervous you can ask for a sedative.

Answer #2

My boyfriend’s sister had it and I asked her about it. She said that the procedure didn’t hurt and that she didn’t feel a thing. It took a few days for her to recover, but it is mainly to light sensitivity. All she had to do was wear a few sunglasses for a few days. Also her vision is now 20/20 and it was extremely bad, she had to wear contacts and glasses full time previously. I definitely think that it is worth it. You should also discuss your concerns with your doctor.

Answer #3

not when its happening but your eyes ache a little bit after x

Answer #4

My cousin and my uncle got their surgery the same day, in Colombia. Their vision is perfect compared to before. It does not hurt at all, but the eye drops that they put on you will dilate your pupils making them sensitive to light. In 2012, when I go to Colombia, I will get laser eye surgery. It is worth it. Why Colombia? Compared to the US, it is real cheap there, and they do it professionally leading to the same results.

Answer #5

my uncle had it done. he turned out great after it. i dont think it hurts it freaks me out tho, on how they do the surgery :/ lol

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