How can large plants produce electrical energy? Is it possible to be done emission-free?

Answer #1

alot of our electricity here is produced from hydro plants build on lakes. I think its emission free, if you dont count emission associated with actually building the plant. They do cause some environmental damage though to rivers etc.

Answer #2

about 50% of our electricity is produced from hydro plants, and also about 10% comes from geothermal plants and another 5% from wind.

Answer #3

Research The Cannabis Plant,, Or HEMP in some cases, but they are all the same in one, Research proves if Cannabis was not attached in 1930’s, There would be no Nuclear Energy no Nuclear Bombs, And Cannabis plant alone would power about 92 percent of the world, there would be no Starvation, and Every one would be as High class as the Bilderburg Group, Whom are trying to Control the World. the cannabis plant also Does upwards to 50 thousand other Things as well. From Dynamite, to concrete and everything in Construction, Metal, CArs, All biodegradable Parts. Paint. Everything. Emission Free Power.,

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