Why do all my laptops develop viruses and problems?

It cost a whole lot of money and im sick of it -.-

Answer #1

They don’t “develop” viruses ! …..

The user (you probably) exposes the computer to the risk of viruses by visiting dubious websites and installing dodgy software.

However, you have my sympathy. I advise you get to understand the computer and how to protect it better.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

Go out and down load AVG from their site, they offer a free anti virus, this might help you. Also when you use the web you have to be selective with what you click on. Also this is why I no longer use windows, I use linux, Ubuntu. I have not had any problems with viruses on this computer.

Answer #3

because your either not protected at all or not protected enough..

theres a few simple things you can do to help with all these problems.

1] download and install avg anti-virus.

2] start using firefox.

avg will turn the windows built in crap off so you just need to do nothing really.

Answer #4

my friend has the situation just get an anti virus software & every thing will b a lot easier. plus it’ll help to stay away spam 7 all that other crap if u can help it.

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