Ladies: "boy shorts"...? Just curious...

Hey, I was wondering- I’ve seen the term “boy shorts” a lot around on the internet, but I don’t know what that means…so what does it mean???

Answer #1

the boy shorts have a pockit in the back girls dont

Answer #2

its underwear & its like shortie shorts

Answer #3

Ah, I c. Thnx!

Answer #4

@ yumiyukai:

Lol. I’m barely American, either. And I was born here, lol (I’m a 2nd gen Asian-American)

Answer #5

booty cut panties is what they are. I wear them :P

Answer #6

Boy shorts are a type of under wear… they sort of look like “shortie shorts” but are actually pretty comfortable.

Answer #7

I have a few woman’s boy shorts under wear…they are just a boy cut short style under wear for women..very comfy too! :) the ones I have, have no pockets…

Answer #8

well, for I have a different idea of boy shorts… but probably cause I’m barely even american when it comes to the stuff I know and do… so… mm.. yeah… my idea of boy shorts are sexii!!! EXTREMELY!!!

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