Ladies Am I Overreacting ?

Okay so here it is…My girl and I both play sports. I watch her play all he time ..her and her friends and just encourage her and cheer 4 her. Now when I play I feel as though shes not watching me. It may seem silly but I just want her to know that this is important to me. But somtimez I will glance over and see her talking and not watching. I get so upset ..I don’t know why I feel like she dont care sometimes about my sports…but I would say” whay arent you watching” but she would say I am but get really mad at me.. I don’t know what to do…I just hate that I get angry at her

Answer #1

well make sure that you make her feel important, ALWAYS! not just by going to practices and games but just on a regular basis. Everyday! I know you are probably trying hard but when girls dont feel loved then it’s the start of something way worse…

Answer #2

kk dude what you got is a lady problem. maybe tell her that she is doing good and thatshe looks hott of sumthin out on the field/court. then sit down and talk to her. if she gets mad try and calm her down. say how you feel un felt for. if she don’t comply well then ull just have to deal with it I guess.

Answer #3

Is she playing a sport right now? At her next game, go but do not watch her and play with your cell phone or talk with other people. See how she reacts. If she gets upset, let her know that that is exactly how you feel when she ignores you during your games.

Answer #4

I know this may be important to you and you might not like that she does this to you. but what you should do is do the same with her. dont watch her or go to her games. a little tough love doesnt hurt anybody lol :)

Answer #5

Don’t tuff love it just explain how much it means while trying to be understanding

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