Korean word meaning: sunbae

What does the Korean word sunbae mean?

Is it a term of respect, endearment or just friendship?

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Friendship in Korean mean?

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It means respect, like for someone older than you. Kinda like saying yes sir to an older man.

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I love the Korean TV show Boys Before Flowers! Geam Jan Di always adresses Ji Hoo as Sunbae. Why does she only adress him and not the other F4 in this manner?

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Its a term used to your seniors. Its used in school and work.

You can be a sunbae even if your younger as long as you entered first.

Like you have 20 years and you got a job. Then a man in 30s got a job in your workplace after. You are his sunbae.

It's the same thing as senpai in japanese.

It's a sign of respect.

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it is usually used in school by school girls...they call their male senior schoolmate as 'sunbae'.;)

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Sunbae is like a father, a elder brother, a friend...

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because I heard this word repeated a lot of times in the samsung advertisement of kim bum and kim so eun...
kim so eun addresses kim bum as "sunbae". while kim bum-"ga eul-yang"


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I think "sunbae" means PRINCE or young master..

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I think "sunbae" means, a PRINCE or YOUNG MASTER.. =)

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I always heard this "yi jung sunbae" "jun pyo sunbae" "woo bin sunbae" "ji hoo sunbae" its stand for a male senior schoolmate :)

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those are characters in a korean soap, lol

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what is sunbae?

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sunbae is a word to respect an older person..

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