kitten hating and illness

my kitten sparkles hes six months old I got him in April ever since I’ve got him hes been hissing and growling at me I tried everything example; I tried leaving him alone from shanice I dont know what to do!!! PS SHANICE

Answer #1

the key to cats is patience..I’ve managed to tame three stray cats so I know wot its like to deal wid aggressive ones…wot you do is keep a plate of food/milk halfway between you & d cat until it overcomes its fear & comes to time put the dish a little closer to you & so on..if it drinks from a bottle spill a couple of drops of milk near it & then keep the bottle near’ll get hungry sometime & will hc to approach you..& when it does don’t make sudden movements!!! if you stay still & move carefully eventually it’ll get over its fear..wotever you do dont try 2 grab the cat…violent affection does NOT work wid cats.. also dont try to play wid d cat just yet..cats are too suspicious to be playful at the beginning..wait till it trusts you..until then just be around it & do the food’ll be able to stroke it while its eating in a couple of days..hope that helped ^^

Answer #2

It sounds like he could be playing. You can get a spray bottle and fill it will water. When he starts to growl, squirt him (not in the face) and say no no! Eventually he will put two and two together and he will realize what you want him to do.

Leaving him alone only makes him nervous. So try to find other ways to try to train him. Research crate training with a cat. The crate becomes the cats protective home and he will calm down a lot while he’s in it.

Let me know how everything goes. Sam

Answer #3

spoile him it workes I do it.

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