What are some fun and creative kissing ideas?

Jusat curious.
What are some fun and creative kissing ideas?

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When your kissin try brething thru each otha 4 awhile. like when you breathe in she breathes out, its beautiful when your inluv its like your 1 person. but bit tricky

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this is pure fun!!
when you are kissing
like a mouth fart??
it is really fun. I only did it like 3 times
but we laugh so hard each time
so funny.

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dnelly I weanna try that.
and thanks. =]

I need ideas!!
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It is fun :0 I forgot about that, and sucking on lips can be fun too.

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I like to bite his toung it turns me and him on, which makes the kiss intensified:)

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another great one is suck on an ice cube for a while then kiss him and you mouth will be cold and his warm

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Pop some of the candy pop-rocks in your mouth!
It's is fun and different.

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Darn akumo you beat me to the spiderman kiss thing!

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The upside-down spiderman kiss is always fun!
So is the jump on your boyfriend, grab his face and lay a deep kiss on him tactic, that one always gets me :)

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