Is he just scared to kiss me?

ahh, iuno what to do, and the more I think about it, it drives me crazy, so please help after I explain (thanks in advance)
I'm currently in the third most serious relationship that I have ever been in, and my current says that I'm his first - he hasn't even had his first kiss yet
with all of my other boyfriends, we've made out on the first date (but ended it there), and now with Justin, we've been together for three months and we haven't even kissed yet!
He moved recently so we only get to see each other every other weekend, but we're stilling making it work, and every time together is better than the last
I love him, and I do want to be with him a very long time, and he thinks the same about me
we've talked about holding hands, kissing, sex, everything, and he's totally for it
but he's also an old school romantic, deep in his faith (as am I), and he wants to take things slow so that it will make everything more special
since we know that we'll be together in the future, should I just not worry about the kissing deal, and let it go for when he feels comfortable? even the first time when we held hands, I had to make the first move
do you think that he's just scared, and he doesn't know what to do? it kind of confuses me, yet at the same time I know that I shouldn't worry about it
but whenever we're together, it seems like whatever we've talked about (involving kissing, holding hands, making out, sex, etc.) doesn't matter, and he forgets everything we've ever talked about
it almost makes me feel like he doesn't want me physically - yet he'd told me many times that he does, and he brings up all of the time how much of a cuddler he is
stuff like that is very important to me in a relationship - especially in the future, mainly after marriage
if holding hands was even 'hard' for him to do the first time, should I be worried?
thanks guys!

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I think he's just intimidated or nervous or something like that.
just let it go slow, start of with a kiss on the cheek.. maybe that'll
make him feel a little less tense about the whole situation.

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I am usually a kisser on the first date. heck its fun. .. I recently got in a relationship and decided I wanted to take things slow. back fired. so.. move at your pace. making the move isnt always a bad thing. guys are chickens when they respect and appreciate a girl.

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No. You shouldn't be worried. That is acctually rare to find in a guy and you want to hold onto him! He is probably waiting so it will be magical, just go along with it. Trust me it will be worth it. If your not having sex you dont have to worry about pregnancy. Thats a plus. But yeah. Dont worry he is just a gentlemen and thats hard to find these days.!!
Your a lucky girl.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

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No I don't think you should be worried. Since you two talked about it all, and you said that hes for it, then theres no need to worry. He is obviously just too shy thats all, and thats good in a way so you know he wont rush things or make you feel uncomfortable. If you want to kiss him, then wait for the right moment and kiss him. Don't just randomly kiss him out of nowhere though, slowly pull him close to you and then slowly move your lips closer to his. Just so he knows your about to kiss him. Random kisses are okay, but not for your first kiss together. It will make him more comfortable if he knows you're about to kiss.

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Hmmm... if this lad wouldnt evan hold your hand then he's not gunner kiss you is he you will have to make the first move... soz

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