Kissing a guy with a lip ring

I've started seeing this guy, and he has a lip ring.
it doen't put me off or that it just makes me nervous when he goes to kiss me which is why I make up an excuse or what ever and run away.
im scared to kiss him because of it, im scared incase it get caught on my lip or I rip it out or somthing like that.
I think hes starting to think its somthing to do with him, I really like him but im scared of his lip ring.

please lend some advice, or how I can attempt to get over it thanks.
can I really pull it out?
do you even feel it when your making out?

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My partner and I both have lip rings. we both have lip rings on the left side of our mouth, so when we kiss it just kind of works out. There's no problems with kissing someone with a lip ring. The worst scenario that happened to us while making out was that the balls on the ring loosened or fell off...

But I had my lip ring out for a few months and just got it back recently, and whenever we kiss I don't notice it anymore. It's funny. He's also the reason mine got infected the first time...but whatever.

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I kissed a guy with a lip ring- seriously, it's a positive thing. Don't worry about it too much, you tend not to notice it after a while.

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blah blah blah :) bored...I haz a lip ring and I got it infected by makin out with this dude I didnt even know...but it was f***in awesome! I say just go for it!

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I have a boyfriend with a lip ring. And I love kissing him just as much as I used to.

It is impossible to rip your lip with it, trust me. It's a smooth bar, and there is nothing that can get stuck in it.

Also, a lip ring is very movable. It moves with his lips, and yours.

So when you kiss him, it will move to the side. It'll be just like kissing him, and you'll feel some metal. No biggie.

Kiss him, if you really like him!

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Dude; the second guy I ever made out with had snakebites yo!
And the balls on the end of his curved ball were pointy as f^&k.
I was so nervous to at first.
but it feels so good. (:
it's actually evan more fun xD

and you will be a little nervous. but I was too, but its fun (:
so go for it.

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I have snake bites and a tongue ring, my girlfriend seems to not complain about it. In fact, she loves them. Just give it a try and everything will turn out A-Okay. :) promise.

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