Kiss yyour kuzn?

Would you ever go out/date your kuzn could be 2nd kuzn don't matter but your kuzn would you? Be honest!

P.s.: if you wanna know the reason to this question add me as a friend be I will tell you kus I was swarn to secretcy not to tell.

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that's very disgusting... you shouldn't do that with your own's not cool at all, idc if they look attractive, it's just not rite.

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doesn't matter if they attractive I mean if like your really in love with him/her. Like more than fam wise.

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Any one im related to in any way, I would deffo not kiss.
No matter how attractive they are.
And I personally think anyone doing anything sexual with someone they are related to is sick.

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I wouldnt

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lol id kiss my cuzons like saying bye but I wouldnt kiss them on the lips only a peck on the cheeks in a familylove way.

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