Is it kinda crazy that I have wrote my son a letter a day since he was born?

The reason I do this is so when he gets older and has any question about his life he will have it all wrote down, Or if something was to happen to me he would always have my letters to look back on and know his mommy loved him very much….Is this wierd?

Answer #1

I find it cool, really cool actually thats amazing

Answer #2

Thats not weird at all, i find that really sweet!! My mom took pictures of me everyday til i turned 13, and now theres like an hour long video of me growing up everyday and how much i changed. it makes me feel happy and appriciated (:

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so you watch the video? Maybe he will read his notes one day, I hope anyways…

Answer #5

i think its really cute and awesome :)

Answer #6

thank you…

Answer #7

That’s so cool!

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Answer #9

well it seems your the only one…so your on your own…well i take that back my husband thinks so too…

Answer #10

lol XD

Answer #11

I really like that idea, if I ever get kids I think I might just follow suite with this. I might even have it as just one whole letter that I update from time to time :)

I don’t think it’s weird at all, come to think of it, I wish my mom would’ve done that but then again, I got pictures of myself so I suppose that counts :)

Answer #12

thanks (: and yeah i always watch it to realize how much ive grown and changed over time. its really intrestingggggg.

Answer #13

thanks (: and yeah i always watch it to realize how much ive grown and changed over time. its really intrestingggggg.

Answer #14

no i think thats awesome and if ur son is anything like me that would be an unforgettable keepsake for him.

Answer #15

I think it is awesome, but wondering how long it will take him to read all of those letters when he gets older…one a day…many years…many days in many years meaning many letters to read!

perhaps a scrap book would be more suitable…pics, some letters..perhaps even something like a piece of his fav cover…now that is something special…something he would cherish always & forever…and if it could continue with his family after then it could be a family thing! (just an opinion)

What ever you do or leave him I am sure he will be ecstatic to receive it from you!

Answer #16

I think its awsome too! You should give it to him when he’s like 16. I’ll bet he’ll love it :)

Answer #17

well he does have a scrap book, with pictures and letters as well, his first everything hair cut, nails clipped, every bandaid he has had from his shots, first time he bleed, everything. And the blanket LOL funny you mintioned it he had a fav. blankie(well still does) but I plan on putting it up for him.

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LoL…Thats why I started doing it, I have always had questions about my child hood that my mother couldn’t answer so I never new what I was like as a child, I just dont want my son to have any UNanswered questions.

Answer #20

I was thinking more around 18, no 16 year old boy would want to read letters from his mom I wouldn’t think. I want him to be old enough to keep up with it though and never loose it.

Answer #21

No, you are just the one who likes to keeps memmories, the one who likes to look back at things and all of that. It’s not wierd, it’s unique and awesome.

Answer #22

I think what your doing is really nice, but you should try to keep the letter’s short so it’ll be easier for him to keep up with them when he recieves them.

Answer #23

they are in note books… A LOT of note books

Answer #24

I think its a lovely idea, and I would apriciate having memories like that, its a very unique, I hope he can keep up with all the reading :) x

Answer #25

lol, I fig that :) is he your first child?

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