What kind of ointment to i have to buy for a shaving rash or something (down there) ?

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I find almost any body lotion helps to relieve the itch of razor burn. I'd suggest going to a department store/drug store and looking over the lotions, I think their our some specially made for razor burn.

In the future when shaving down thee, I'd suggest using a ladies' shaving cream. It can help alot in preventing the razor burn brfore it happens.

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ok , but do you think im doing it wronge?

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Wash the area twice daily with antiseptic wash and moisturise. It should get better with time.
Make sure, when you next shave, to shave in the direction that the hair is growing, exfoliate and don't pull the skin to get a 'close shave'.

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Aloe vera helps soothe it. And women's deodorant and baby powder helps prevent it.

Read my howto for more info:


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I prefer cocobutter.

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did it !!! . thanks ALLOT!

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