Whats better world of warcraft or call of duty 4 ?

Basicly me and my friend argue whats better world of warcraft or call of dutie 4 any thoughts…oh and if you play duty also hit this question up

Answer #1

They’re two completely different games, formats, genres, etc. Why even try to compare them?

Answer #2

There both good when I do BG’s I play cod4 and talk to my friends over xbox but cod4 is old news now it make time go by quicker with gta4 thats the best game made besides WoW

Answer #3

I work at gamestop the most popular game that I’ve seen is call of duty 4 people are loving it! personally I think so too but who knows

Answer #4

call of duty is so much better

Answer #5

thats like comparing apples and oranges..

but then again, almost anything is better then WoW

Answer #6

I woudl say call on duty 4!

Answer #7

They are completely differant games. Thats all there is too it.

Answer #8

Call of Duty 4 definitely

Answer #9

World of Warcraft. I hate CoD4, but that’s only because it’s not my cup of tea. My husband would rather play CoD4. But like everyone says, you can’t really compare them because they are 2 different things.


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