What's the best kind of mousepad, gel or memory foam?

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The gel wrist guard deals are pretty cool, not much use for a mousepad with a high DPI laser mouse, though.

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Personally, I strongly recommend a wireless laser (optical) mouse, then you do not need any mouse pad. If the VERY slight lag of the wireless connection is a problem (like with FPSs) then a tethered optical mouse might work better.
And combine that with a wireless keyboard if you can. SO much better.
Good Luck!!

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I don't use a mousepad =P However, I'd say the gel one is probably better. Are there memory foam mouse pads? That seems odd, like it's a bed for your mousepad to sleep comfortably in.

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My wrists can't take the non mousepad action anymore :) But, I'll have to consider a laser mouse when I upgrade in a few months or so. Thanks for the tip :)

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