What kind of hairstyle is this?

(i have no clue whats the name of this hairstyle) I’m writing the story and I’m describing a guy’s hairstyle but I have no clue what to do so please help me…

Answer #1

I would say “uncut” or am I looking at the wrong hair?

Answer #2

uh you can search Stunt Man Mike hairstyle in google images and see if you know the hairstyle…

Answer #3

On the contrary ….. You can

Answer #4

but i have no clue of the name of this hairstyle

Answer #5

Neither do I, and I don’t for the life of me have any clue why anyone would want to either.

Answer #6

do you think that its some type of mullet?

Answer #7

a scary one.lol:D i dont know the name but if ur trying to get this look(?)cut ur hair in a pixie cut and lift hair at the forhead and smooth it back and hold it with gel.

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