What kind of games can you play with friends through Text Messaging?

I know it’s a wierd question, but we’re bored.

Answer #1

the question game, just asking each other random questions with no limits.

Answer #2

awesome, thank you! (=

Answer #3

sexting…. DUHRRR

Answer #4

21 question? I always love to play that game when im bored

Answer #5

I guess you can play Truth or Dare. It is not common, but it sounds like a fun experience.

Answer #6

^ haha!

Answer #7

truth or dare!! :D but the more the questions and the dares were hard and embaressing.. the more the game is FUN! :D ;)

Answer #8

haha no thanks; we’re both chicks.

Answer #9

^it’s illegal anyways haha

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