Some of the keys on my keyboard are not working properly

some of the keys on my keyboard are not working properly all the time. how can I fix this?

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hey even I m facing d same probs reh..
people have suggested to open the keyboard and clean it with soft brush...else giv it 4 repairing...letss try whether its wrks or not!!!

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Try upending the keyboard & shaking it - there may be some dirt trapped inside. Depending on if you eat near the computer, you may also have crumbs, food particles, etc, stuck in between the keys.

Also try checking the connection cable. Last, if all else fails, try removing the keys to see if there is anything stuck down where it won't come lose by shaking, such as skin flakes, etc...those can gum up computer equiment, and it's rather common. Good luck.

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Since I just joined today how would I possibly know that you offered that same advice a month ago. Good advice by the way.

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you can acutally wash a keyboard..


Not Liable for any damages but I've done it... they work fine after wards.. I swear..

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Buy a new keyboard. They cost about 10 bucks.

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