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Im in a science lesson so its so with science :/

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Kevlar® is an extremely strong material that derives its strength from its weave. It is woven like tiny spider webs. Stephanie Kwolek and Herbert Blades created this special material in 1965 for the Dupont Company. Since then it has been used in a number of ways.

Kevlar® is a special way of weaving a liquid into a solid. This is called an aramid weave. Aramid fibers tend to be difficult to corrode, resistant to heat, and have no melting point. Aramid fibers like Kevlar® may be slightly corrosive if exposed to chlorine.

Because Kevlar® is light, it is the premium choice for bulletproof vests. A variant of Kevlar® called nomex is fireproof and may be used by fireman or people responding to disaster situations.

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lol thnx u just copied and pasted that, :P lol

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Yeah, but it took three seconds to find and answered your question. If it wasn’t so easy to find out what kevlar was then I might have put a little more effort into answering your question.. If the asker is lazy, I’m lazy. (Y)

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Kevlar is the better one

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All I know is Teflon can slowly kill bird’s, If a pan that is being used is a in a 20 feet radius!

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Lool still i like it :P

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