What games to play at a Keg party?

I’m having a keg party and was wondering what games to play. Not that the beer will be alchoholic…Ok. so there will be beer, but nobody is driving and it will be super safe.

Answer #1

you have to play quaters and there are many card games you can play as well. There is high low, Double back and the word game just for a few. Have fun and do not drink & drive. Fun mail me for more

Answer #2

Edward 40 hands. (the name comes from the Tim Burton film “Edward Scissorhands”)

You get two 40s and get your friend to duct tap them COMPLETELY to your hand. You can’t use your hands to do anything. (As in use the bathroom, open doors, turn on the T.V., etc.) He can only do those things when he’s drank BOTH of the 40s.

Brings back good memories. :D

Answer #3

There is always quarters, beer pong, flip cup. Then you can play kings its a card game that will most likely leave someone naked before the game is over.

Answer #4

I did. You never responded. : (

Answer #5

the perfact game to play at a keg party is doing keg stands!!! there fun an you get drunk real quick!!!

Answer #6

^^ ah yes, I love 40z.

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