How many words can you make out of the word?

Just for fun how many words can you make out of the word “supercalafragilisticexpialadocious”. Your only allowed to post 3 words.

Answer #1

YOUR MOM :P I<3you

Answer #2

dog fatigue plastic!!! Butterfly kiss3z I found words no one else did too!!!

Answer #3

I’m EXTREAM-ABLY BORED right now!! and I didn’t see that I could put down 3 words before… I only got to put one…and that ain’t cool!!… so I’m gunna put down MORE! MOOOHAHAHA!! :D

rip, clip, lip, tip, dip, sip, call, COOL!!, slip, gill, fill, spell, exspell, pile, lie, list, tail, tale, dial, file, for, foe, pee, p!ss (the “!” is suppose to be an “I”…lol), a55 (the 5s are suppose to be “s”…lol), dope…LOL, DELICIOUS (THAT”S WHAT I AM…LOL…jks)

THERE!! I PUT DOWN WORDS THAT NO ONE ELSE FOUND!! =) can’t find anymore… :P

Answer #4

recall expose spice

Answer #5

super fragil suspious

Answer #6

ehehe… this looks FuErIfIc!! :D ummm I was gunna take the easy word… but I’ll put down…


Answer #7

Germanic Supercilious Pacific Ocean

Answer #8

super fragile * suspious ARE YOU HAPPY NOW MATT lol

Answer #9

Super Stice Percal

Answer #10

fragile * delicious doctor

Answer #11


Answer #12

Elementary School

Answer #13

explicit cautious dialogue.

lol tried 2 make words that nobody else did

Answer #14

No, you posted twice :(

Answer #15


Answer #16

sulfuric acid, delicious, and superficial

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