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Why won't the mother dog feed her puppies anymore?

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A dog I recued 1 1/2 ago has had puppies..yes its my fault but the vet woundnt do it earlier she was to young so he says...she had 6 puppies I made a nice big box witha heatlight and helped her deliver.. she was good mom and new what to do when they turned 3 1/2 weeks old I notice she wounldnt get in the box anymore she would sit outside and hope they make it over the wall to eat..I would place them on her and she would feed them find when she was done she would just get up I would have to put them back in the I finally figured it out the box had gotten to small, yes the puppies are I moved the family to a spare room nice and big and warm...them the mom stop feeding them..I waited a whole day to see if she would and she I brought some puppy milk and then when I started feeding them she got in the box and started feeding them...only for alittle while..the next feeding I made her feed thm...thats when I noticed she has teeth marks on every nipple...if they bite her she bites them back nto hard but hard enougn for them to stop I feed them all the time first I let her try cause she still have plenty of milk...I stop her from following me around the house and make her sleep in the room with the pups...cause she wont if I dont make now she wont eat there poop anymore cause it smells not like her milk I quest...everytime I go to feed them she comes and lays there in the box...I dont understand it...she has diaherra to now its white chalky liquid on top...the doctor has seen her 3 times gave her entric and metronidazole...but she still has it...she poops on the floor almost every night and pees...knowing she going to get in trouble...the puppies are fat, playful but I no they want can she teach them anything if she wont spend time with them...unless she wants to...she hates feeding them..but...she will once in awhile I dont no what to do or not do...I need a breeder to tell me is this normal is it not...oh the vet said I can give the puppies blended up puppy food... can anyone help me..I am willing to give my phone number to anyone who knows about moms and puppies to get advice...I am so burned out...just ready to give it all up...HELPPP