Is June a good time to visit the beaches in Cape Town?

Answer #1

Nope… Sorry. In June its winter time in South Africa and in the Cape, it rains in winter. Its going to be cold, rainy and windy that time. Am actually going to Cape town in July myself. Am visitung a friend.

Answer #2

I think you could go there in December or January.You could go to the beaches then,it’s very nice.:)But don’t forget to prepare at least one pair of sungalsses for the holidays and daily outdoor activities.I always think sunglasses can add charm to a person.Here is a good place to purchase sunglasses,, they have lots of chic and fashinable styles and work hard to meet the customers’ needs.I love to buy there.Their sunglasses are extremely glamourous with excellent service and fast delivery.You guys can all go and have a look.It won’t let you down.P.S.:their price is also very competitive.:)

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