Is this a jumper or a apron of some kind?

If not, then what do you call this outfit?

Answer #1

Probably an apron. Or not very much if you were to wear it alone.

Answer #2

Looks to me kinda of like a skirt with suspenders..

Answer #3

idk might be an apron, its cute though =)

Answer #4

I feel like it’s a dress, but it definitely requires a shirt. If it were an apron, it wouldn’t have a back so that it’d be easier to take off. I usually do more than just cook, and I’d take my apron off while I do other things so it doesn’t get in the way. Having to step out of it would make it annoying. Plus, the whole front is exposed, it wouldn’t make much of an apron.

Answer #5

agree i think it looks quite cute

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