How do I get Jonas Brothers VIP passes?

How can I get V.I.P Passes for all the Jonas Brothers Concerts?

Answer #1

well I got mine on ticketmaster, they’re 350 bucks a piece.

Answer #2

the tickets im trying to get they have section called “vipbox” I guess that’s the closest your going to get, but they’re like 400 dollars!

Answer #3

do you have jonas brothers v.I.p? how much are they

Answer #4


Unless they’ve changed it, VIP is for VIPS only and you cannot buy VIP passes, however often, if you buy food or drinks there are seats open in the VIP area.

Some VIP tickets have been sold for some shows to members of their official fan clubs, for a higher ticket price.

Answer #5

if you are a celeb or miley

Answer #6

I just went to the dallas concert last night, and I got VIP packages. 350$ a peice. We got front row tickets but they totally messed up the seating, they were still great seats though. The soundcheck was very short, like 20 minutes. They performed 3 songs and let a few fans answer questions. There were other grooups in the soundcheck who won tickets to it, but the Jonas Brothers focused on our section, the one’s who bought it. There were 200 people in our group. The soundcheck was awesome though. They notice you at least one[look at you]. There was no meet&greet[sadly] but we got a laminite nexklace that has a pic of them and on the other side it had there symbol and said VIP. And then we got drawstring bags that had there symbol and said VIP. Other than the seating and the shortness of the soundcheck it was awesome. We bought the packages on ticketmaster, the day of the JB fanclub presale. You had to have a Citi credit card. [And the stuff in the gift bags was cool] A towel and water bottle.

Answer #7

You have to buy them off of ticketmaster. I think they sold out a long time ago, but people may still be trying to sell them after they jacked up the prices!

Answer #8

im going to a jonas brothers concert march 4th and my friend is taking me and another friend and I want to surprise them with vip yickets but first… I NEED TO FIND SOME!!!

Answer #9

Hi… If you go to ticket master, the home page that lists all the venues, to the right of the venues there is a link for ticket packages and VIP packages, there will be a link that shows you how to get them depending on your venue and if there are any more VIP tickets left.But because the rest of their tour is sold out, the link doesnt work anymore. Heres the link below…

If you need anny more help contact me at

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