Jonas brothers hate

Okay. So everyones entitled to an opinion right? Well here’s mine. I personally love the jonas brothers. I can relate to their music, they are good role models, and I can honestly say that they have changed my life. I am a huge fan. But am not obsessed. I agree the questions about them are getting out of hand but it’s just a phase and it will pass. Also there is NOT an age limit for liking them. I am almost 15 and I have loved them since I was 12. call me immature for loving them I don’t care. I just wanted to get my point across. Anyone agree with me? Don’t hate guys. It’s just immature. I don’t jock your music you don’t jock mine. Deal?

Answer #1

Well, I personally don’t care for them but if you do… so be it. We’re all entitled to our own oppinions so it’s perfectly fine for us to have different tastes in things.

Answer #2

EVERYONE has their own oppinion and that’s prefectly fine. Yours is tha you love them, mine is that I HATE them. I never have liked them and never will. I think they plan flat out suck. Don’t give me sh*t about that either. I have my oppinion, you have yours. It’s no big deal at all. We just all like different things.

Answer #3

I so ageee with you!!! I love the honas brotherss im 16, haha but I dont care what people think(: there awesome and so is there music!

Answer #4

I love the Jonas Brothers…I get so upset when people at school diss on them so does my friends. My best friend has posters of them all over her walls lol :)

Answer #5

well I hate them I mean come on I hate there music, I hate there lyrics, I hate everything about them just like I hate everything about most new music and hating that is normal if I dont like it im not doing to say I love it, just to make you happy I seriously hate it and I like to get my point across to that being said, no doubt there is also something that you hate im sure you dont love every single genre of music and what you hate, you have the right too just as other people have the right to hate pop music or fads that will pass wuicker than the backstreet boys for most people hating is normal pretty much everyone hates something or someone we dont all love everything hating is only immature when you hate it because everyone else suposedly does…when you follow the croud like a sheep and dont have a brain to make up your own mind only them is it immature other than that its perfcetly fine and normal

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