What poster to make for a Jonas Brothers concert?

So I am going to the Jonas Brothers Concert on Valentines Day in Houston, TX. I got 4 tickets so I can take my three friends for their birthdays. I really want to make a creative poster to really catch their eye (and maybe get a hug, wink, smile, picture with them, or stage time). In the past I have come up with some good ones that got me kisses (with other bands), but the for Jonas Brothers my mind is blank!

Any ideas for good, creative, eye-catching posters?

Answer #1

I am writing I don’t suffer from ojd I’m loving every minute if it

Answer #2

Sayyy I don’t suffer from OJD…I enjoy every minute of it :)

I need to save all my really creative stuff for when I go, haha.

Answer #3

Put like your fave Jonas in a heart? Or all 3 and make up a phrase to put with it? Hahahaha I don’t know I love them too so good luck :)

Answer #4

wow thats awesome! with the tickets you should write.. JOIN ME!! and get yourself a ticket too! haha.. but since it is on valentines day I was thinking something that has to do with that! any ideas?

Answer #5

hey, im a major jonas brothers fan. when I go to concerts my signs say “OMJ! I’ve been diagnosed with ojd!” and I give them gift baskets & put their favorite things in it. im giving them black diomands&yankee tickets the next time I see them.

Answer #6

thats a good one I was thinking for a poster since im going to a concert this thursday since I absolutely love Joe its going to be a clloge of pictures of joe and its going to say “Next Time You Fall Joe Fall On ME!”

Answer #7

I could make a tri-fold board board with a huge picture of each of them on top. Then out down “Luv Ya Joe, Kevin, & Nick!” and if you get a chance to meet them make them like I dunno cookies? With their names on them? I really don’t know. I can be creative but this is kinda hard. Anyway I tried my best and good luck with the concert.

Answer #8

if you put pics and lots of their fav. color then you prob get a kiss and a hug like I did well not only that but I got nick number

Answer #9

ahh you should be like be my valentine? or somehting like that! haha

Answer #10

DO NOT MAKE A POSTER. My friend almost got hit in the face by crazy little girls who were waving there posters madley about. Those things are dangerous.

Answer #11

you should like get some glittery stars and stuff like that and put your my shooting star wherever you are.

Answer #12

im not sure what to put I have seen cool ideas but im not sure if there the only cool ideas if you have an idea please say below because im going to the jonas brothers 17 of november birmingham concert I cannot wait !!!

Answer #13

hi I love you jounas brothers I love your songs in camp rock I like how you sang play my music in camp rock

from natalia

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