What was John F. Kennedy's view toward the USSR?

does anyone know what was his view towards the u.s.s.r

Answer #1

Yup, he had a positive and cooperative view.

He gave Khrushchev a way out of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which enabled both men to negotiate a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963.

The “Peace Speech” at American University on June 10, 1963 was a bold step toward ending the Cold War: it challenged both Americans and Soviet citizens to re-evaluate their opinions of each other, and to learn to live together peacefully.

In September 1963 JFK gave a speech at the U.N. in which he proposed that the USSR and the U.S. cooperate in attempts to land humans on the moon. NASA wasn’t too excited over this, and dragged its feet. JFK, irritated, sent written direction to the head of NASA, James Webb, to report in December in writing on ways to cooperate with the Soviets in landing on the moon.

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