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wot kind of jobs can I get with animals, I always used to want to be a vet but now that doesnt interest me, I want to help animals but being surrounded by sick aniamals constantly and the thought that it is prbably just something simple like an infection or a cold doesnt thrill me! I think I would like to be a zookeeper or someone who trains animals like birds of prey or dolphins but mym mum is against it because I go to a grammar school and I am 'clever' so I would be wasting mt 'great' education and I wouldnt get much money! :-( , I really want that type of job but my mum doesnt understand that for me its not about the money its about the animals!!!wot other jobs are out there? ideas?

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a good job with animals would probably be something like a zoo-ologist . You get to study animals and stuff like thAt and thats what I'm gunna be when I'm old enough so its a really good and fun job .

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working for ATF
Boarder Protection ( the first two jobs is breed specific, they are used over sea's and in things like when the twin towers went down, sniffing dogs)

Places like Sea world
Game Warden
Animal Cop
Dog Warden
Start your own rescue group
Vet Tech
Vet Asst.
Kennal Atendent
Dog sitter
Dog walker
Wild life Rehabilator
Fish and Game

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Biologist? you need great english skills for that & you can certainly help animals in that field in many different ways.
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Convicted Felon/No h s diploma or Ged

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