what jobs can't you get if you have suffered from clinical depression (or any other type of depression)?

I wanted to know if anybody could please tell me what jobs you wouldn’t be able to do if you suffered from depression (any sort), so if you have any answers, they would be very much appreciated =) thnx

Answer #1

I don’t think they turn you down for a job because have had, or still have any type of depression. As long as you either don’t have it anymore, or you are on medication, and have it well under control.

Answer #2

kk thnx for answerin

Answer #3

Glad I could help :) Your very welcome!

Answer #4

There are very few jobs in this world that you would be excluded from. Jobs that are extremely specialized may screen for this, but you’re looking at a few jobs in the world, like becoming an astronaut, or some sort of special services stuff in the military. Jobs that are extremely high stress. Most other jobs dont screen for it.

Answer #5

No…privacy about your mental health, just like your physical health is your business.

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