jobs for ex convicts in Phoenix, Arizona

Could you please help me with some jobs that are “ACTUALLY” hiring ex convicts here in Phoenix, Arizona? Jnique

Answer #1

I have not had any luck finding employment. I have even applied to places where I am “obviously over-qualified” IE fast food, etc. At first I thought it was just the economy, why I couldn’t find a job, but I now see that is NOT the case… Once they run that SS # it is pretty much over with. All I did was have a DUI and do 8 mo. time for it. We had to leave the area we were in before due to the economy, and I quit a good job that I did have to move here to the Phoenix area so that our family could be together. Luckily my husband has a good job and currently we are barely getting by. If I do not find work soon however I do not know what will happen. Good luck to any ex-felon out there. Keep your chin up and be hopeful.

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