Jobs for a felon in dallas tx

I really dont like when people judge other people when they don’t know the situation. It’s so hard to find a job with a felony following behind you. I need help can some one help? I was with my brother when he decied to act big and shot in the air and for me being there they charged me with the same crime. I got probation and he gor jail time.

Answer #1

Call around the temp agencies in the phone book. Ask if they take felons when you call. Make a list of every one that does and apply at a couple each week until you get a job. It really depends on your skills and the job market.

Answer #2

You could try contacting the local parole/probation agency and see if they have any suggestions. You could also contact your local employment office and see what suggestions they have.

Make up a good resume showing your school accomplishments, and any work history you do have. You probably should include a brief comment about the felony charge and its current status.

Keep plugging away looking for work and dropping off copies of your resume. Eventually you will connect with an employer who will work with you.

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