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So I’ve been really looking into those Jessica Simpson “HairDo” Extensions and reviews are very mixed. Many people think they are either super great, or others think they are not so I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried them or know anyone who has? What did you/they think of them? Id just like to know before I buy them!!And if you have any suggestions as to anything else that would be equal price, maybe no more than $200 that are just as easy to put in my hair let me know please.


Answer #1

Hi kyra,

A friend of mine does use these extensions. I at first thought it was overpriced, but she says she loves it. I think if you have your hopes up that it will be like your real hair, you will be disappointed. But if you just want the best extensions for a good price, go for it. It’s about half the cost of your budget.

Answer #2

Thanks! I think I will get them, and try em out, yeah they are about $70, but if they are how most people say they are, then it should be worth the money.! thankss!!!

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