Guys what do you see in jessica alba

Tell me guys, what do you see in Jessica Alba? Not just looks but personality too.

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D*mn hot actress, can't say anything about her personality. I have no clue as to what that's like

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Hmm, well I'm not a guy, but since I'm bored, I asked your exact question on yahoo answers.Here's the feedback:
-When I've seen her on interview shows, like Leno, she is absolutely radiant - beautiful smile, bright eyes, lovely laugh. I don't think she could act her way out of a paper bag but she is truely lovely
- take your pic.just start from the top and work your way down
-uh looks, none uf us personally know jessica alba so how could we even know her personality

Guys: What do you see in Jessica Alba?

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sexy and a good actress

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Are you kidding?

Sweet, sexy, great actress.

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Here is a photo

celeb bodies
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she is pretty good looking

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