been having my peirod for about every 2 weeks.

been having my peirod for about every 2 weeks..

could I be prego???

Answer #1

if your pregant you won’t have your period to begin with. You miss it. You probley just have a eregular period. Go see the doctor if its that bad.

Answer #2

You could be but I dont want to scare you there have been some girls who were pregnant and still got their period. my aunt had her period when she was pregnant they found out when she had a ultrasound because she had a scist (sp) but yeah she was already 3 months. It would be safe to go to a doctor or get a test. Every girl is different even you and your mom would have total opposite pregnancy(if you were) if you need some more advice you can talk to me! cassie

Answer #3

u would have MISSED your period, not goten it to much.

Answer #4

no your not pregnant you would of missed your period not have a period

Answer #5

for how long though

Answer #6

um… if your pregnant you don’t have your period AT ALL.

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