Its my science teacher being unfair ?

cause today my science teacher comes from Zimbabwe

re-seated us and he sat me by the door and I couldnt see the board as it was blury and I asked him politly to see if I could move to the front by my self ... he ignored me ... I asked politly again and he ignored me yet again

so I just shouted it out and this boy in my class accually offered his seat so I could see the board and he could sit where I sat ... and the teacher did this:
*slams book down*
I dont care about any child in this class and im not going to move you unless you have a medical note from the head of year or your parents (which is a lie)and your parents can complain about me if they want" and I was like fine then and then he sed summat and I sed
" im not gonna stain my eyes and get an awful headach just to see your crap english

and he had the cheek to call us ignorant when he ignored me 3 times and ignores the rest of the class

what are your reviews ?

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yes I would report him ASAP, but while you are reporting him- YOU will need to be as polite as possible- don't give him ammunition and examples to use against you , be polite and patient- allow the school board to review his behaviour and reprimand him.

teachers like that need to be unemployed.

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oh ... dont ask why its gone into the love and relationships thing cause I pressed the school one :S

Unfair teacher!!!

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report him

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I am always polite and patient really bad head ache and I spoken to my tutor about it and she sed I need my eyes testing

and I was like wtf ? I already know that

and when I came out of the class I had

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you have a medical condition kinsa eith a docors note so say that..

and you are nly doing it so you could carry on with your work!

say that he is being unfaiir and can I move please??

if not threaten to report him... (if he listens )

he is getting a very goood wage for what he does..

he sounds to m like he doesnt even want to be there atol

will you please ans my blokes Q???


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