Its Friday!!

What’s craqckin with theweekend plans! :)

Answer #1

going to a concert today.. then on sat, I’ll be in the concert

Answer #2

Going to my high school’s musical, doing bunches of homework and relaxing if there is timeee :)

Answer #3

Hanging out with friends tonight, movies tomorrow night, and shopping Sunday.

Answer #4

umm im not doing much…just staying home. I already finished all my how at school so it looks like I dont have any how over the weekend :)

Answer #5

Chillin tonight with the hubby and a couple of movies tonight (we rented Sex Drive and Quarantine, have you seen them? Are they any good?). Working tomorrow day shift, then partying. ;) Sunday, I’m getting my hair done and going to the grocery store. So exciting, I know.

Answer #6

going out 2night , hangin out with the bestie on sturdai at the schools garage sell and on sunday going to church

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