itchy ad scratchy

Every time I shave my pubic hairs, a big rash comes up, and itgets very uncomfy and itchy. hat should I do?

Answer #1


Everything down there feels so much more sensitive, in a nice way. It is much easier to keep your playground clean and fresh! Sweaty and musky odors are kept to a minimal. Can be quite enticing for your partner


If you cut yourself it could get pretty bloody. Yuk, not nice. Painful too! Every time you shave them, they grow back thicker than last time Shaving your pubic hairs the wrong way can lead to ingrown hairs. Believe me, you don’t want this to happen. Can be quite painful. Men, if you have shaved around your penis and on your penis, the stubble can hurt your partner when you are having intercourse. Rub your hands on your face stubble and see what I mean. Pubic hair is there to protect us down there from dust and germs and whatever isn’t supposed to be in there from getting in there. It also cushions you, like when you’re riding a bike.

Answer #2

Ugh. The dreaded razor bumps. That’s something that almost every girl has. Me personally, I like waxing, but it’s painful as hell, so maybe you don’t want to try that =ox

Make sure you skip a few days after shaving (continuous shaving WILL cause razor bumps), and if you insist on keeping it smooth like a baby’s butt all the time, then I suggest waxing.

I’m just warning you: waxing is extremely painful… So you might not want to try that. lol. Sometimes what I do to avoid the bumps when shaving is I use Skintimate shaving gel moisturizer (I’ve had good luck with this shaving gel), and sometimes I use conditioner to shave. Professionals might not recommend this, but it works for me =op

Right after shaving, always put some kind of lotion ONLY on the areas you’ve shaved, this keeps the irritation down. I like Curel myself.

Answer #3

Like she mentioned, use conditioner to shave!!! It doesn’t even have to be the expensive kind! It could just be like VO5 or something!! It works! I use it on my legs too!!!

Answer #4

Honest to gawd…after you get done shaving, use a powder stick deoderent on it…whatever is in it, sooths the rash and keeps the itchies away…


Answer #5

Make sure the razor is 100% clean, remember the skin tissue down there is extremely sensitive to any infection, and when the hairs grow back they are going to be pretty sharp causing a bit discomfort, try a hair removal cream instead maybe.

Answer #6

maybe you are allergic to the soap or wash you are using… and you probably have very sensitive skin.. its common.. dont shave! lol JK

Answer #7

ITS RAZOR BURN, start using lotion after you shave, and avoid salt water.

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