Once a cheater always a cheater, true?

is it true what they say a guy never changes. if they cheat on you the first time they are going to keep on doing it?

Answer #1

most likely if you take him back he will think oh if I do it again she will get over it after a while. guys say they will change but rarely do

Answer #2

most likely he will cheat again. But honestly how do you expect him to change if you don’t either ? try to be more attentive to his “sexual” needs that way he won’t feel the need to get what he wants elsewhere. Sit down and ask him waht he does and doesn’t like about haveing sex with you and what he would like to try or what kind of fantasies he has that you could help him play out. and if he cheats again after you made that effort it would be a good idea not to take him back.

Answer #3

My thought is, if he cheated on you one time he will no doubtly do it again, because you stayed with him, or took him back, which is basically telling him that its ok to do. I mean, exactly what is he learning or whats stopping him from repeating if his partner keeps taking him back? He hasnt suffered any loss, so why not keep doing it if he can keep getting away with it!

Answer #4

once a cheater… always a cheater

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