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Is Youtube an excuse for people to voice their opinions about emos?

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Okay lately I've been on Youtube a lot more then usual and I've noticed that there is a lot of videos where people are insuting emo's.Also when people have uploaded videos telling people to leave emo alone there is always some sort of negative comment and I've seen one video where people were prank calling someone who had voiced their opinion on emos and told people to step off them.And not to shortly after I watched that video the person had changed their phone number and cancelled all account s on a bunch of websites.Does this seem wrong?Do you think that Youtube has become an excuse to insult other stereotypes and threaten emo people?My friends think that this has effected me because everyone I know has either called me emo or goth at some point.And ill admit it makes me mad to see people abandoning their opinions because of some negative attration to it.So what do you think about this?