Is travis barker dead?

Is Travis Barker dead? If you don't know who he is, the famous drummer from Blink 182. I don't really like their music but I watched his reality show Meet the Barkers.

So is it true? Or just a rumor?

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News Google - indicates alive:


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wikipedia doesnt change every day though... I've been hearing hes dead too

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Travis Barker has died or found dead If you believe some spammer bulletin. This twisted rumor started with social networking site Myspace in a bulletin declaring Blink 182 and + 44 drummer Travis Barker was found dead.

The bulletin states that Barker, who is married to former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, was found in his garage on November 13th. You would think that there would be more press coverage beyond a few blog postings if this story was actually true.

Here's the bulletin: 'Last night on November 13th famous drummer Travis Barker was found dead in his garage. "He was found in his garage coming home from a dinner/award ceremony." said reporter Tom Burry.

Investigators are not sure of how Former +44 drummer yet died or they are not telling the public the full truth yet.

Travis's wifes exact words "everyone in the world has someone special who has died in there life. Maybe it hasn't happen yet but please pray for Travis and my family. I would appreciate it and whoever did this to Travis is a sick! man."

So if you have a heart please repost this and take a minute and pray for this great drummer known as Travis barker.

And if you don't repost this no one will kill you and no one will hurt you and no you won't have bad luck for seven years. You not posting this just shows you have no heart.

*So please just repost as "in loving memory of Travis Barker.'

Some freak out there really loves this and all the attention paid. If you remember, last month everyone started saying Ryan Sheckler was dead reports the Rad Report.

Twisted people out there. He has kids, I mean really. Barker turned 32 on November 14.

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Yes, he does have a wife. They never finalized their divorce; they got back together. Plus there is a mispelling in her "statement" and this has only shown up on myspace, not on actual news sites.

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look at the facts
ok its says a reporter took account of this
think about it
if a reporter took account of this it would be on the news
if it was on the news earlier it would have been on the internet much earlier
and the only account of travis being dead on the internet is from a site called digg and that only comments on how they are posting bulletins about it on myspace
secondly it says reporter tom burry
do you know anyone named tom burry check google for images of a person named tom burry
there is no one named this
so if there was a reporter his name sure as hell isnt tom burry
lastly travis doesnt even have a wife!

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This site indicates he's alive:


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hes alive...hes NOT dead

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if he really WAS dead then the wholworld wud b taking about it in magazines and evrryrthginggg
just like they were about annanicole smith
so hes NOT deadi thoughtabouthat 2 because of aREEELYYY GOOD myspace bulliten lol

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I was researching this just now b/c I was worried about it too, and a guy said that they spotted him today shopping for clothes. so no, he's not dead :]

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He is alive and not dead so thats the truth saids people... But do people know the truth NO they don't so who knows he is dead or Alive... Your furrie fur friend MKD

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