Is it weird that younger guys attract me?

im finally confessing. ahumm.. ok younger “men” than me atract me for some odd reason. even tho I go out with guys 3 years older than me. haha is it wierd or what? and is it normal… I barely noticed this :D

Answer #1

I think it’s normal. I don’t have a thing about age but certain things like hair color. Lol. I don’t know why but I like guys with darker hair. OR well, they attract me like 10 times more anyways.

But yes I think that’s normal! I mean… I love Gerard Way and he’s 30!

Answer #2

I don’t know what to say to this other than, it is not weird unless you are looking at little boys or girls. It is prefectly fine to dig on someone younger than you with in reason. Maybe you be feel that the are more on your level, and you enjoy the company that they bring to you. Maybe your interest and mature level is right at theirs which makes you more interested in them instead of older guys.

Like I said, don’t worry unless you are 21 and they are

Gain Wisdom One

Answer #3

maybe your just getting sick of older guys I was I tryd younger didnt work for me because he was immature but could work for u

Answer #4

I dont think so. Maybe. I like sexy girls period. :D Unless they are REALLY REALLY young. Thats sick.

Answer #5

Do not worry. I am also attracted only to younger ladies. I mean 10-20 why younger.

Answer #6

It’s normal! I’m attracted to WAY older guys…

Answer #7

haha gerard way is hawt lol :]

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