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People to People student ambassador program?

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Okay so I got this thing in the mail that said it was from the people to people student ambassor program and asking me to go to australia by myself and stay w/ a different family from there 4 20 days!! Is this real or just something 2 get you in2 one of those human trafficing things??? Heres what it says:

   Dear parents of ciara story:
                                             Ciara is invited 2 travel and study in australia in the summer of 2009. Join middle school students from the terre haute area who were eligible 4 people 2 people an educational exploration program founded by president dwight d. Eisenhower. All students must b annually invited, so we are pleased 2 offer ciara this 1-time-only opportunity 2 travel on a 2009 program.

Ciara can experience 20 days or rewarding activites and meet the people of australia. Your local delegation will represent the united states overseas, experience new cultures, and make lifelong friends. Ciara will gain advance as a young leader through special access and focused excursions and will gain: Confindence and leaderahip- take on a ropes course or soar across a ravine during team building with experienced outdoor guides. Snorkel @ the amazing great barrier reef and learn 2 surf @ one of australias pristine beaches. Cultural understanding- play the didgeridoo or throw a boomerang as you enter the ancient world of australias aboriginals people. Learn whats so sports about cricket. Worlds awarness- gain an insiders perspective or australias government during an offical breifing and hand-feed dolphins with marine biologists on a tropical island! Friends and memories- stay w/ warm welcoming local family, cuddle a koala, and watch kangaroos, then bond with other delegates while cruising pearl harbour!!

So is a real or what?? Do you think I should go? I mean I have road on an airplane before but not 4 15 hours!!